30 Day Shred – My Results

So, this morning I completed the 30 Day Shred. I was all bouncy and chuffed with myself. I pushed myself, did extra sets and reps of the cardio and a few others. I was feeling really good, until I took these pics.

Day 1 Vs Day 30

Ok, so the first pic is a sexy side on.

Weight loss (whilst doing Slimming World) - 20/03/13 – 17st 13.5lbs — 10/05/13 – 17st 7lbs

Inch Loss

07/03/13  Bust – 46″, Chest (Back) – 38.5″, Waist – 42.5″, Hips – 47″, Right Thigh – 25.5″

10/05/13 Bust – 46″, Chest (Back) – 37.5″ -1″, Waist – 39″ -3.5″, Hips – 44″ -3″, Right Thigh – 29″ +3.5″, Right Bicep – 13.5″, Left Thigh – 28.5″ +0.5″, Left Bicep – 13.5″

I am guessing that the + is me gaining muscle and dropping the fat. My arms are starting to look fantastic, as are my thighs (as soon as the layer of fat at the top of my thighs does one!) The proof is there, it has worked. I am just blinkered I think because I am focussing on my gut rather than the areas that are changing.

30 DS3

Day 1, Day 15 and Day 30. Much difference?

OK, so firstly, apologies for the stinking mirror. I am looking at the pictures and not seeing a difference in the shape.

30 DS2

Day 1, Day 15, Day 30. Side on.

I didn’t really want to do the last workout, it kind of means that it’s all over. I didn’t really want it to end. The last 2 workouts have started half-assed. Then I end up giving myself a kick up the ass and get on with it. Either upping my reps, or doing extra sets. Day 30 saw me doing the best I had ever done. Granted, I was stopping and rewinding the dvd  to accommodate my extra sets and reps. I did end up sweating like a bitch at the end of them and feeling amazing too.  I will admit that that feeling was soon trampled by the damn voice in my head that said my gut hasn’t changed.

I can now get my fingers around my wrists! My muscles are showing and my clothes are feeling amazing! I am going to try on a pair of trousers that I am hoping will fit so I can wear them to work. I can run up the stairs and not be breathless. I can chase after my daughter when she throws a bitch fit, throw her over my shoulder and carry her 0.3 of a mile, then 0.4 of a mile in a piggy back. (It’s where you carry them on your back, hands under their bum as a seat) Missy weighs 56.8lbs, I have lost 59lbs. I pretty much carried all the weight I have lost over half a mile home. It was hard on my knees, but felt  so good.

The fact that I can now lift her up, with ease. This pleases me a lot.

Any way, not sure what I am going to embark on next, I think I might do a bit of a mix. I will sort something out. I am on an early shift again tomorrow, so I am up at 4.30am to walk to work. I won’t be forgetting my dinner. I will do well this weekend!

Laters all xx

A xx

4 comments on “30 Day Shred – My Results

  1. Your tummy really has changed! Ok it’s not a washboard *yet* but you can see clearly that everything is tightening up. And your posture looks better too! From all the heavy lifting at work I can tell that my muscles underneath the flab are a lot more toned than they were a month ago but unfortunately there’s still too much fat over the top of them to notice much of a difference. But like you I have noticed the change in what I can do not just how I look.

    Having said all that I really can see the difference in you. My friend keeps going on about a Tom Hardy workout that’s insane. Although I like the idea of working out with Tom Hardy I don’t think it will be for me, but you are made of stronger stuff! x

  2. We all have “problem areas” that refuse to budge. I went down over 15 lbs in weight before my waist would go down even a half-inch. All that counts is the overall picture. And your overall picture is definitely progress, both the weight and the majority of the measurements went down.

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